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A word from the author
Dr. Carol Batey Prunty

Creating a “Cannabis Lifestyle Entertaining” is simple by integrating cannabis butter from the flower of Hemp (cannabis sativa), is what I am speaking about. Within these pages, you have a simple and easy recipe for canna butter.

This book that I have created will help expand your mindset as to how to throw a party for ethnic backgrounds, those with dietary restrictions, those who do not practice any holiday but feel inclusive to be part of the festive gathering of events, and those who don’t eat gluten, chocolate, like me, dairy-free, like me or drink alcohol and eat meat! In 2020, we live in a world that people must have their based needs met when they arrive at a party of just coming for a simple brunch, lunch or dinner at your home.

After extending the invitation, hosts must visualize the necessary needs of their guest. When you have invited persons to your home put yourself out of your needs and truly focus on their needs long before your guests arrive. What are their personal needs to feel a sense of acceptance in your home; you’re the host that’s your job? Go within your soul and see what they need and how you as the host can carry those wishes out.

Cannabis training 101 is simple and is any easy guide for healing the mind, soul, and body inside and with skincare and foods enriched with cannabis. Let’s allow her to work on our soul in a non-threatening way. Hemp has been used for thousands of years mainly in Asia and Europe. Let’s catch up.

This book is created for those of you that are 21 years and up. I am not advocating hemp for anyone under the age of 21. Love becoming a hempster! Peace

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