Thoughts on Hemp: Robust Weed & Healing Herb

Carol S. Batey is a plant-loving Southern herbalist, part Cherokee, Blackfoot, Apache, and African American, mother of 6 children, and the producer of Carol’s Vibrational Skin Care products. She will be teaching 2 classes at the Enchantment HerbalCon in Durango in May (

“Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.” -Thomas Jefferson

A little history… did you know that the Declaration of Independence was written on fabric or materials made from the Hemp plant, the robust weed? Likewise, the flag that Betsy Ross sewed was made of Hemp fabric. Hemp is the oldest domesticated crop that has ever been grown. If you would like to, read more about this fabulous Cannabis flower (Cannabis sativa in Latin) that CBD is made from. A few of the American Indian tribes smoked Hemp in their pipes and everyone found it to be peaceful, including the new European settlers. Hemp’s history started as far back as the 1600s as a material. In the years of World War II, there were victory gardens of defense with fruits, vegetables, and herbs. America was encouraged to grow victory gardens at personal homes and city parks. This action was created to support and help people in food shortages and feed the troops with commercially canned goods provided by American home gardens. The American government commissioned this act. The Hemp was used to provide paper, ropes, sails, fuel, building materials, and healing of the body by smoking it. Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew Hemp in Virginia with some success. Lincoln used Hemp Seed Oil for his lamps within his home and in the White House, and in 1941 Henry Ford used Hemp materials for car parts!

My goal for when you come into my hands-on class in Durango this Spring 2020, is to teach you how to cook with Hemp for food as medicine and herbal tinctures. You will learn how to make herbal Hemp topical Hemp skincare. All classes will be a lab. Making topical herbal Hemp salves with omega 3.6. and 9, fatty acids and vitamin E can relieve autoimmune, skin conditions and bug bites. Salves with Hemp can be used to add extra moisture to reduce wrinkles, stimulate the scalp, provide facial rejuvenation during facial massages, reduce puffiness, tone skin, and more. Hemp tissue salves and topical balms infused with Cannabis sativa can be used for medical purposes. Deep tissue heated muscle relief with menthol crystals and Hemp is used for aggravated pain. We will make all of these within the lab plus make sunscreen with Hemp for added skin protection. I hope you make the class weekend! Hikers need Hemp bath salt. We will make ours with dead sea salts and Hemp roots I will bring up from Tennessee. Cannabis is fun to cook with, I do it all the time. We will make herbal bone broth and Hemp seasoning that is delicious plus we will make popcorn seasoning (made with homemade bone broth powder, Tennessee Hemp, homegrown herbs, and green pepper chili from New Mexico)! Additionally, we will create Hemp tinctures with dried plants of Hemp. You will learn how to drop a few drops of tincture into your mocktails or cocktails. (The history of how Cannabis medicinal liquids and healing tonics began to be used in alcohol can found in the book Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktail, & Tonics written by Warren Bobrow). So, you can see this class will be an enrichment of enchantment! Come experience it for yourself!