Upcoming Classes – Sept. 14th & Sept 21st

Workshop Details:

By Faith Farm,  in conjunction with The Herb Society of Nashville will offer workshops to at least 15 people at no cost, fostering a passion for herb cultivation and use no matter an individual’s financial means. We propose to launch this year the following workshops:  

By Faith Farm will host a series of workshops given by Dr. Carol Batey-Punty on the cultivation and uses of herbs native to this area. The first workshop will be on Tuesday, September 14 at 10:00 a.m. at By Faith Farm, 7721 Whites Creek Pike, Joelton, TN 37080

The workshop will be held in the Red Barn and will include a light lunch of salad and refreshing herbal drinks. Participants will also receive a small tin of each item made.

Guests are asked to bring an item from their garden to add to our salad, a small 4 oz jar with a tight- fitting lid and an apron to each workshop.

Please email: carol37076@aol.com for an EVITE as attendance is limited. 

There is no charge for the class or supplies. We will have additional herbal items, books by Carol Batey-Punty, BFF T-shirts and Flower bouquets for purchase

Course 1 Topic: What’s Bugging Your Skin? Tuesday September 14, 10am – 12pm -Participants will learn how to make a natural and effective bug repellant using wormwood, yarrow, green tea and more. This lotion or bar can be used as after care on any insect bite and also for prevention of bites. -Carol will instruct on how to make a natural sunscreen of garden herbs, shea butter, aloe coconut oil and zinc oxide. Sun protector with no chemicals! -Lastly, we will learn how to make a very effective Poison Ivy Cream from jewelweed, a plant that often grown near poison ivy.  Nature wonderfully gives us remedies that have been handed down for generations.

Course 2 Topic: Herbs from the backyard. Tuesday, September 21, 10am – 12 pm
– Cultivation and Culinary Uses of Herbs– Participants will be introduced to cultivation methods for culinary herbs including basil, parsley, dill, thyme, oregano, rosemary. Drawing from the vegetable farm and new herb garden, participants will harvest lettuce, cherry tomatoes and herbs to make a fresh and nutritious salad. Participants will go home with their own herb infused oils. 

Course 3 Topic: More ideas for your Herb Garden Harvest. – Fruit leather, sauerkraut, herbal salts and infused honey. There are so many uses we could make this into several classes.